Are Crows Smarter than Seven-Year-Olds?

So, here it is: my first foray into the world of wildlife film! This is the first in a series of “Sixty Second Science” videos, in which I attempt to explain a scientific concept or fact in under sixty seconds. In this video, I’m going to talk you through one of the many studies that has showcased just how clever crows can be.

Here are some more cool facts about crows if you’re hungry for more:

  • Crows might understand analogies. Previously, analogical reasoning was believed to be restricted to humans and some great apes.
  • Some researchers have suggested that crows rival monkeys in terms of intelligence.
  • Crows can remember people who have previously wronged them, and will actively scold these people if they see them again!
  • There have been suggestions that crows use deceit and bluffing in order to keep food for themselves

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