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This Summer, I was lucky enough to spend a month travelling the East Coast of Australia. My pockets are totally bare as a result, but it was worth it.

As someone who had never ventured further than France until I started University, Australia BLEW. MY. MIND. I have turned into one of the people I detest—you know, the type who shoehorns their “gap yaaaah” experiences into every conversation. I apologise in advance for anyone who has the misfortune to bump into me over the next few months, because OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW I WENT TRAVELLING OVER SUMMER?

I can’t even begin to describe my experience in a way that will truly do it justice. I sunned myself on beaches so pristine it was hard to believe they weren’t photoshopped. I’m talking soft, white sand with water so crystalline that you could see stingrays circling in the bay half a mile away. I trekked through rainforests, searching for the elusive cassowary while native birds serenaded me from the treetops. I watched gentle humpback calves breach in the open ocean, my face streaked with the seawater they displaced as they crashed back into the deep.

I’m going to stop writing now; thinking about sunny beaches while in the clutches of the perpetual British winter is torture. Hopefully the video will speak for itself.

Happy watching x

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Australia”

  1. Loved the video Emily, so professional!
    Also rather envious, what amazing locations!
    Doubt I’ll ever go though, scared of flying, and Australia is quite a flight!! 🙄

    1. Emily Cooper

      I’m so glad you liked it, Carl! I’m a massive fan of your photography, so a compliment from you means a lot 🙂

      It was a truly beautiful place – you should definitely get out there if you can face it! I used to be SO terrified of flying that my family could never go away anywhere that required a flight 😳 I finally went to the doctor when I was about 19 and was prescribed diazepam for flying (I call them my “happy pills”). I started off with short flights, then gradually worked my way up to the colossal journey to Australia. I still don’t particularly like flying, but I feel like I have to make up for all those years of missed holidays 😋

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