Bring back the beaver!

My activity for #30DaysWild today is to convince you lovely lot that beavers are the future.

Beavers are the ultimate landscape engineers. They are a keystone species, meaning that they actively shape the environment around them. I never knew architects could be so cute!

🌱 They create levels of habitat diversity that humans couldn’t HOPE to replicate. This provides a niche for a whole host of new species to move in, and provide shelter for vulnerable juvenile fish⁣
🌡 Beaver dams and the sediments held up behind them sequester carbon, helping us in the fight against climate change⁣
🌊 Beaver activity can provide Natural Flood Management; they slow the flow of water, preventing the risk of flash floods downstream⁣
💧 Beaver activity can help to improve water quality. With just 14% of our rivers in good ecological condition, this is SO important!⁣

The Beaver Trust have coordinated an appeal to speed up the restoration of this fantastic native species to our waterways. If you want to show your support, The Wildlife Trusts have a platform for you to do just that! Click here to add your voice. 



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